Dot with his Slut Garden RV. He's a big reason I got to the burn this year.
 The sun shined on me this day. Me with my sign that scored me my ticket the day before Burning Man.
 I pulled up at the end of the line before sunrise and was treated to a beautiful start to the day.
 Toshiaki working on his beautiful installation inside one of the lighthouses. I was honoured to have the chance to work with him and his fantastic crew.
 Black Rock Lighthouses
 The finished Mirrorbowler piece. Photo by Peta Matsumoto
 Piper & Gabe, excited for the upcoming plane ride!
 Kevin and The Creamsicle (My camera was a little dirty unfortunately. Turns out Burning Man is a pretty dusty place)
 The first thing I saw when I got in The Creamsicle...
 The view from the plane.
 This year's Man. Not quite finished.
 Me with Kaylie & Joe Eddie at the Thunder Dome moments after he professed his love for her.
 The road to the Temple.
 Preparing the lighthouses to be burnt.
 The Mirrorbowler installation came out to be re used another time.
 Keith & Chris packing up. The best thing about Burning Man for me is the people I met, these two included.
 Gabe & Cliffy 'Clamp Hands'. Once again... it's all about the amazing people I met.
 The lighthouses burning.
 The Mirrorbowler 'Egg Of Hope', placed on the ashes of the lighthouse at dawn after it had burnt. Photo by Peta Matsumoto
 Desert gorillas in their natural habitat.
 Noah Dice being his usual rad self.
 Fish out of water...
 Ever seen an octopus in a desert? I have...
 How about a giant teapot train?
 The Earth... our home. Let's take care of it!
 The Temple burn this year. Just wow...
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