Massage by Radman

I've been practising massage for about eight years now, since I realised that I was actually good at it and people wanted to pay me for it. So I figured I should do the course, right?

I completed two diplomas (Dip. Remedial & Relaxation, Dip. Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies) and most of a third (Dip. Traditional Chinese Medicine). Those pesky last two subjects never lined up for me... maybe one day I'll finish it. That was a good start. It gave me what I needed to do a decent massage. Experience gave me the rest of the knowledge I needed to give a really good massage. 

I worked part time doing mobile massage over the years and then moved into working full time from home for the final three years before I went on the big trip that's chronicled in the bulk of this website.
Now that I'm back in Brisbane for the time being, I figure I would pick it back up again. So here we are.

I give a damn good massage and I'm not afraid to say it. If you need someone whose experienced hands can intuit their way around your body to find where you need work and then do that work expertly, I'm the one for you.

My massage is the one you need. I have a gift for finding the things that often get missed and giving them the attention they need.

I offer one hour appointments for $90 or one and a half hour appointments for $130

Also available at the Brisbane Vegan Markets on Sunday 11th June for shorter appointments.


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0459 322 171

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